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Greatest Magic Mind Reading Illusion Ever
This is great fun at parties, an astounding magic trick you can easiy do to mystify and fool everyone there!  Easily repeatable in crowds or close up!
Victorian Gothic Halloween Party  This All Hallow's Eve, go goth with a Victorian Gothic theme Halloween party. It's a theme that's more eerie and unnerving than overtly scary, and it has some fantastic possibilities for decorations that make it truly unique. What's more, if you start planning in advance you can easily gather most of the decor items you need on a tiny budget.

7 Deadly Sins Halloween Party  What better night to be postively naughty than Halloween? Halloween is a time to let go of your inhibitions, forget about the humdrum of 9 to 5, get a little crazy and be someone else - just for a night. If you're planning on throwing a costume party this Halloween, step it up a notch and make it a 7 Deadly Sins Halloween Party!

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Ideas  Is there really any better time to host a murder mystery party with friends during Halloween? Not only is this party idea interactive, but the bonus is that everyone will come dressed up in costume!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt  It's coming on Halloween season again, and it's the perfect time for a Halloween Treasure Hunt. Mike, Peppers and Pollywogs' own poet, has created a great set of clues all around Halloween decorations this year to keep the kids on the hunt for their treats!

Zombie Themed Halloween Party  Looking for something a little different for your upcoming Halloween party this year? Well, a Zombies party would be quite fun - and different!

Angels and Demons Halloween Party  Many Halloween party ideas are overdone and have become a bit trite. Party hosts who want to shake things up should think outside the box and draw on pop culture phenomenons that most people are familiar with but haven't yet become cliche. In that vein, may we suggest recreating the schism between science and the Vatican for a night by throwing your own Angels and Demons themed Halloween party.

Haunted House Adult Halloween Party  Planning on scaring up some Halloween fun this year with your groan-up friends and family? Here are some spooktacular ideas to haunt your home for an eerily elegant boo bash. Start planning your party early; it will take time and creativity to get all your ghosts in a row.

Mad Scientist Bar for Halloween  Create a frightful focal point of your Halloween Party with my signature Halloween WOW table - The Mad Scientist Bar. Use everyday items, beverages and foods, along with some Hollywood-style special effects to create a laboratory entertaining space. Make creepy concoctions and fiendish "finger foods" that will surely be a scream at any Halloween party!

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