Best Mind Reading Illusion Ever!

This super magic trick goes back a ways and was first used an early simple form in performances by one of the greatest magicians of his time, Harry Houdini. Amaze and astound your friends this year at halloween parties, gatherings, or with friends at home or on the road.

This works great at parties, but you can use it anywhere, and it is repeatable in crowds. I have used it in a few bars once in a while with great success. It's always good for a free drink or two! And also a great way to meet those of the opposite sex!

Here is how the trick presents
Working it into the conversation, you mention that you are learning how to read minds! You discuss it a bit and let them know that you are just starting out and need to practice. Someone always says prove it, so you agree to a demonstration. You tell them that while it is hard to read words, numbers are very easy, and you say something like 'I will even show you how I do it and how it works.'
You leave the area while a number between 1 -24 is selected and recorded, and after you return and some patter, you "read their mind" by correctly telling them the number they picked.  Next, when you are asked to repeat your feat, you perform it this time with a set of numbers between 1-50, picked by a dfiierent person, follow a similar routine as before, and correctly pick the number again.
Next, you will repeat this again, this time two different audience members will pick two different numbers and add them together. And the total is over 50. You return, perform the patter, and then amaze them by telling them both numbers they picked and their total.

This illusion is absolutely amazing!

Here is a link to a more detailed description of how the illusion presents: Best Mind Reading Illusion.

The Illusion does not require any props, special gimmicks or devices, special preparations, (except practice), equipment, or items.  It can literally be done anywhere and can be repeated over and over. A perfect illusion for parties, bars, and other gatherings. Anyone can do it with some practice.

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