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Haunted Houses are great and safe fun for the entire family. These Halloween attractions are spooky and scary and many offer coupons and online discounts so you can save money!

Find the best Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions USA

What are Spirits and Ghosts?


Spirits, or ghosts, as they are sometimes called, are believed by many people to be a manifestation of continued human concious existence after life in this world has ended.

It is thought that after death, we move to the next plane of our existence, that our life in this world is merely the first step of a long journey. They believe our concious soul after death on this world continues to evolve into a far greater entity that may even expand to fill the universe.

Sometimes, for many reasons, a spirit is unable to move on to the next step in this journey, they remain earthbound. It is believed these spirits have left behind an unfufilled concern and that they may not move on until this concern is resolved.

As a rule, these spirits are NOT harmful or even dangerous, they generally are seeking to address the concern that still binds them here, so they may continue on to the next step of their new journey.

Often a spirit that is trying to resolve the concern that keeps them from moving on will manifest itself on the local plane. When this happens many call it a haunting, by ghosts, of the place where the spirit manifests itself. And since most people fear the unknown, they react with fright when in fact the spirit is merely attempting to contact them for help or aid.

When you believe a spirit may be seeking your aid, then you may have the opportunity to help this spirit move on to the next step of their journey, to their next plane of existence.

If you do sense the presence of a spirit, try to help them! When it happens, first banish thoughts of fear. There is nothing to be afraid of. Relax! Let calm and soothing thoughts fill your mind.

Close your eyes and take a deep long relaxing beath, hold it for a short time then do it again, while letting calm thoughts sweep your mind. Then slowly open your eyes in the direction of the presence and clear your mind of all thoughts. It is now that the spirit may be able to communicate their need to you, by placing a thought in your mind.

When you do this and a thought does seem to pop into your mind, then you will know it for sure and certain. Take the action if you can do it safely and without any harm to others.

You may be able to help this spirit move on!

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Haunted Houses USA

Haunted Houses USA

We feature only the best haunted houses on our web site, basd on value, safety and overall quality. Save Money, be sure to use our discount coupons and safely enjoy a great trip to a Halloween Haunted House! 

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USA  Haunted Houses

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